The Evi App

Evi is the one mobile app that provides solutions for your everyday problems.

Need a currency conversion in a hurry? She can help. Need another word for renegade? She can help with that too. Ever wondered why the sky is blue or how Napoleon died? She has answers to these questions and more. Evi has a database of nearly a billion facts and is learning more every day.

What makes Evi special is that she understands what it is you are asking and gives you exactly what you need to get stuff done.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Evi?

Evi is a virtual intelligence with a thirst for knowledge and for helping her users in whatever way she can. You can speak to Evi and ask her questions via her app which is available for iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire.

What can she help me with?

Evi knows something about almost everything, and if she doesn't know the exact information herself then she can find it for you. Evi can answer questions about books, music, films, conversions, history, people, places and much more.

How do I use Evi?

Evi is currently available for iPhone, Android and Kindle tablets. You can download the app and start asking Evi questions straight away. You don't need to use complicated or unnatural search strings, simply ask her a question in the same way as if you were asking a person. Evi prefers to keep it casual and doesn't like to get too formal.

You can ask her questions by speaking to her out loud and she will answer back, or if you are somewhere quiet then you can type your question instead.

How is Evi different from other apps of her kind?

As well as an ever growing database of nearly a billion facts, Evi is able to make use of multiple data sources as required to provide answers to your questions. As such her information is up to date and she is smarter at sifting through it to give you the answers you need. She is also available for free on iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire and rather than going out of date, she will naturally get smarter as she grows.