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You asked:

who were mickey rooney's wives

  • Mickey Rooney's wives have been Ava Gardner, Martha Vickers, Elaine Devry, Jan Rooney and B. J. Baker.
  • Ava Gardner
    Ava Gardner
    Ava Gardner

    Ava Lavinia Gardner (December 24, 1922 – January 25, 1990), the Academy Award-nominated American film and television actress

  • Martha Vickers
    Martha Vickers
    Martha Vickers

    Martha Vickers (May 28, 1925 - November 2, 1971), the film actress who appeared in the 1946 film The Big Sleep playing Carmen Sternwood, younger sister to Lauren Bacall

  • Elaine Devry

    Elaine Devry, the American actress (born on January 10, 1932) and is well known for her past marriage to actor Mickey Rooney

  • Jan Rooney

    Jan Rooney (born Janice Darlene Chamberlin), the eighth and current wife of actor Mickey Rooney

  • B. J. Baker

    Betty Jane Baker, the singer, songwriter, and vocal contractor who worked as a backup singer on recordings by Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, The Righteous Brothers, and Sam Cooke, among others