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You asked:

who was schoenberg influenced by

  • Arnold Schönberg's influences are Richard Wagner, Johannes Brahms, Thomas Mann, Theodor W. Adorno, Anton Webern, Otto Weininger and Charles Rosen.
  • Richard Wagner
    Richard Wagner
    Richard Wagner

    Wilhelm Richard Wagner (22 May 1813 - 13 February 1883), the German composer, conductor, music theorist, and essayist, primarily known for his operas (or "music dramas" as they, the later called)

  • Johannes Brahms
    Johannes Brahms
    Johannes Brahms

    Johannes Brahms (May 7, 1833 - April 3, 1897), the German composer of the Romantic period

  • Thomas Mann
    Thomas Mann
    Thomas Mann

    Paul Thomas Mann (June 6, 1875 - August 12, 1955), the German novelist, short story writer, social critic, philanthropist, essayist, and 1929 Nobel Prize laureate, known for his series of highly symbolic and ironic epic novels and mid-length stories

  • Anton Webern
    Anton Webern
    Anton Webern

    Anton Webern (December 3, 1883 - September 15, 1945), the Austrian composer and conductor

  • Theodor W. Adorno

    Theodor Ludwig Wiesengrund Adorno (September 11, 1903 - August 6, 1969), the German sociologist, philosopher, pianist, musicologist, and composer

  • Otto Weininger

    Otto Weininger (April 3, 1880 – October 4, 1903), the Austrian philosopher

  • Charles Rosen

    Charles Rosen (born May 5, 1927), the American pianist and music theorist