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You asked:

who was born on the same day as secretariat

  • Leleti Khumalo, Ruben Kruger, Greg Sherman, Stéphane Ortelli, Nina Miranda, Tobias Hill, Andy Bezeau, George Coghill, Ron Villanueva, Camilo Romero, Ronen Harazi, Amy Applebaum, Craig Ramage, Shane Bertsch, Jone Nikula, Sara Lunden, Sharmin Meymandi Nejad, Vladimir Pchelnikov, Andy King, Sharmin Meimandinejad, Signe Trosten, Sharmin Meymandi Nejad, Cẩm Ly, Abdullah Eksioglu, Nahedh Al-Murdh, Ricardo Bernal, Andrei Raisky, Andy King, Eduardo Baptista and Françoise Jézéquel.
  • Nina Miranda
    Nina Miranda
    Nina Miranda

  • Sharmin Meimandinejad
    Sharmin Meimandinejad
    Sharmin Meimandinejad

  • Sharmin Meymandi Nejad
    Sharmin Meymandi Nejad
    Sharmin Meymandi Nejad

  • Leleti Khumalo

  • Ruben Kruger

  • Greg Sherman

  • Stéphane Ortelli

  • Tobias Hill

  • Andy Bezeau

  • George Coghill