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You asked:

who was born on the 18th of june 1951

  • The human beings, organisations or other legal people born on Monday June 18th 1951 include Steve Miner, Jerry McNerney, Salvatore Bellomo, Guillaume Sarkozy and Hunt Slonem.
  • Salvatore Bellomo
    Salvatore Bellomo
    Salvatore Bellomo

    Salvatore Bellomo, the retired Belgian-Italian professional wrestler with a career spanning more than three decades

  • Rudy Buttignol
    Rudy Buttignol
    Rudy Buttignol

    Rudy Buttignol, the Canadian television network executive and entrepreneur

  • Henny Huisman
    Henny Huisman
    Henny Huisman

    Hendrikus Josephus Huisman (born June 18, 1951), the Dutch television presenter

  • Gyula Sax
    Gyula Sax
    Gyula Sax

    Gyula Sax (born June 18 1951), the Hungarian chess player, born in Budapest

  • Steve Miner

    Stephen C. Miner (born June 18, 1951), the American film and television director

  • Jerry McNerney

    Gerald "Jerry" McNerney (born June 18, 1951), the engineer, energy specialist, and politician from the U.S. state of California

  • Guillaume Sarkozy

    Guillaume Georges Didier Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa (born June 18, 1951, in Paris, 17th arrondissement), simply known as Guillaume Sarkozy, the French textile entrepreneur and vice-president of the MEDEF, the French union of employers

  • Hunt Slonem

    Hunt Slonem, the American painter, sculptor, and printmaker

  • Ian Hargreaves

    Ian Hargreaves (born 18 June 1951), Professor of Journalism at the Centre for Journalism Studies (JOMEC) at Cardiff University, Wales, UK, educated at Queens' College, Cambridge where he read English with French

  • Beauty Sharma Barua

    Beauty Sharma Barua, the singer from Assam, India