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You asked:

who was born on september 17 1953

  • The human beings, organisations or other legal people born on Thursday September 17th 1953 include Altaf Hussain, Rita Rudner, Tamasin Day-Lewis, Junior Bridgeman and Donald Johnstone.
  • Altaf Hussain
    Altaf Hussain
    Altaf Hussain

    Altaf Hussain (Urdu: الطاف حسین), the leader of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, the third largest political party in Pakistan, and the second largest in Sindh] province

  • Josefina Benedetti
    Josefina Benedetti
    Josefina Benedetti

    Josefina Benedetti, the Venezuelan-American composer, musicologist and choral director

  • Lale Akgün
    Lale Akgün
    Lale Akgün

    Dr. Lale Akgün (born September 17, 1953 in Istanbul, Turkey), the German politician and member of the SPD of Turkish origin

  • Luís Amado
    Luís Amado
    Luís Amado

    Luís Filipe Marques Amado (born September 17 1953), the current Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal in the government led by the Socialist Party

  • Rita Rudner

    Rita Rudner (born on 17 September 1956 in Miami, Florida), the American comedienne and writer

  • Tamasin Day-Lewis

    Tamasin Day-Lewis (born 1954, London), the British television chef, daughter of the poet Cecil Day-Lewis and actress Jill Balcon, and sister of the actor Daniel Day-Lewis

  • Junior Bridgeman

    Ulysses Lee "Junior" Bridgeman (born September 17, 1953 in East Chicago, Indiana), the retired American basketball player

  • Donald Johnstone

    Donald Brett Johnstone, the New Zealand slalom canoer who competed from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s

  • Toshio Maeda

    Toshio Maeda, the erotic manga artist who was prolific in the 1980s and 90s

  • Salwa Al Katrib

    Salwa Al Katrib or Salwa Al Qatrib, Salwa Katrib, the Lebanese singer best known for her roles in Emerald Princess and Mountain Girl