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who was born in the same town as david hagen

  • Tony Blair, David Hume, Ewen Bremner, Edwyn Collins, Craig Gordon, Ian Charleson, Danny Alexander, Archibald Cleghorn, Claire Goose, David Mountbatten, Derek Riordan, Garry O'Connor, Alan Longmuir, Alexander Melville Bell, Christophe Berra, James Archer, J. D. Mackie, Edmund Ironside, Henry Brougham, Ian Murray, Horatius Bonar, Ivan T. Sanderson, Billy Lyall, Eric Lomax, Alan Archibald Campbell-Swinton, Jack Docherty, Catriona Matthew, Andy Irvine, David Maxwell Fyfe, Bill Struth, Francis Cadell, Colin Nish, Angus Deaton, David Harrower, Charles Middleton, Alain Baxter, David Carruthers, Daniel Wilson, Bill Gammell, George Swinton, Alexander Mackenzie, Archibald Geikie, Ian McParland, Alexander Gordon Laing, Basil Hall, Alan Combe, James Braidwood, Craig Dargo, Craig Sives, David McLetchie, Callum Innes, Alan McLaren, Francis Jeffrey, Alan Stevenson, Alexander Raven Thomson, Christopher Kasparek, Adam Black, Francis Maitland Balfour, Gael Turnbull, Harold Mahony, Alexander Crum Brown, David MacRitchie, Alexander Runciman, Ivison Macadam, Edmund Montgomery, Henry Dunning Macleod, Hew Lorimer, James Carnegie, Archibald Noel Skelton, Alexander Dyce, Archibald Pitcairne, David Monro, Adam Gib, Basil Neven-Spence, David Dalrymple, David Christie, Ann Drummond-Grant, Edmund Yates, George Manson, Arthur Woodburn, Frederick Guthrie Tait, Alexander Stevenson, Charles Neaves, David Binning Monro, Alexander Stuart, A. Thomas Alsbury, Adam Gifford, A. J. Aitken, Ian Robertson, Alexander Keith Johnston, Ian Stewart, Angus Morrison, Charlie Aitken, Albert Lothian, Frederick Innes, David Davidson, Frederick Charles Thomson, Alexander David Ferrier, Archibald Bishop, Ian Liddell-Grainger and J. Fraser McLuskey.
  • Tony Blair
    Tony Blair

    Tony Blair, UK politician and Prime Minister 1997 - 2007

  • Edwyn Collins
    Edwyn Collins

    Edwyn Collins (born August 23, 1959 in Edinburgh), the Scottish musician

  • Craig Gordon
    Craig Gordon

    Craig Sinclair Gordon (born 31 December 1982 in Edinburgh, Scotland), the Scottish footballer, currently a goalkeeper for both Sunderland and the Scotland national team

  • Ian Charleson
    Ian Charleson

    Ian Charleson (August 11 1949 - January 6 1990), the Scottish actor in whose honour The Ian Charleson Awards, the establishedBorn and raised in Edinburgh, Charleson attended the Royal High School and then went on to attend the University of Edinburgh

  • Danny Alexander
    Danny Alexander

    Daniel Grian 'Danny' Alexander (born May 15, 1972), the Scottish politician, and the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey

  • Garry O'Connor
    Garry O'Connor

    Garry Lawrence O'Connor (born May 7, 1983 in Edinburgh), the Scottish professional footballer who currently plays for Birmingham City

  • Alexander Melville Bell
    Alexander Melville Bell

    Alexander Melville Bell (March 1, 1819 - August 7, 1905), teacher and father of Alexander Graham Bell (the inventor of the telephone), born in Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Christophe Berra
    Christophe Berra

    Christophe Diddier Berra (born 31 January 1985, in Edinburgh), the professional footballer who plays in defence and is captain of Heart of Midlothian

  • James Archer
    James Archer
    James Archer

    James Archer (1823-1904), the portrait-painter, born in Edinburgh

  • Edmund Ironside
    Edmund Ironside

    Field Marshal William Edmund Ironside, 1st Baron Ironside GCB, CBE, CMG, DSO (6 May 1880 - 22 September 1959), the British soldier who played a significant role as commander of British forces in Persia in 1920-1921

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