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You asked:

who starred in the movie shakespeare wallah

  • Shakespeare-Wallah's stars are Shashi Kapoor, Jennifer Kendal, Felicity Kendal, Madhur Jaffrey, Utpal Dutt, Partap Sharma, Geoffrey Kendal, Laura Liddell, Jim D. Tytler and Marcus Murch.
  • Shashi Kapoor
    Shashi Kapoor
    Shashi Kapoor

    Shashi Kapoor (Hindi: शशि कपूर, Urdu: ششِ کپُور), born Balbir Raj Kapoor on March 18, 1938 in Calcutta, the Indian film actor and producer and a member of the famous Kapoor family

  • Jennifer Kendal
    Jennifer Kendal
    Jennifer Kendal

    Jennifer Kendal (February 28, 1934 - September 7, 1984), the British actress who was also a member of the Kapoor family

  • Felicity Kendal

    Felicity Ann Kendal, CBE (born 25 September 1946), the English actress who is well known in the United Kingdom for her television work

  • Madhur Jaffrey

    Madhur Jaffrey (Hindi: मधुर जाफरी madhur jāphrī; born August 13, 1933), the Indian actress, who has also found fame as a food writer, introducing the Western world to the many cuisines of India

  • Utpal Dutt

    Utpal Dutt (Bangla: উত্পল দত্ত) (March 29, 1929 – August 19, 1993), the Indian actor, director and writer

  • Partap Sharma

    Partap Sharma (born December 12, 1939), the Indian playwright, novelist, author of books for children, commentator, actor and documentary film-maker

  • Geoffrey Kendal

    Geoffrey Kendal (7 September 1910-14 May 1998), the English actor-manager

  • Laura Liddell

    Laura Liddell, the actor, a star of Shakespeare Wallah

  • Jim D. Tytler

    Jim D. Tytler, the actor, a star of Shakespeare Wallah

  • Marcus Murch

    Marcus Murch, the actor, a star of Shakespeare Wallah