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You asked:

who starred in exit 57

  • Exit 57's stars are Stephen Colbert, Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello and Mitch Rouse.
  • Stephen Colbert
    Stephen Colbert
    Stephen Colbert

    Stephen Tyrone Colbert pronounced: (born May 13, 1964), the American comedian, satirist, actor, writer, and Presidential candidate known for his ironic style, particularly in his portrayal of uninformed opinion leaders and deadpan comedic delivery

  • Amy Sedaris
    Amy Sedaris
    Amy Sedaris

    Amy Sedaris (born March 29 1961), the American actress, author, and comedian

  • Paul Dinello
    Paul Dinello
    Paul Dinello

    Paul Dinello (born November 28, 1962, in Chicago, Illinois), the American actor, writer, director, and an alumnus of Chicago-based The Second City, Improv Institute, and Annoyance Theatre

  • Mitch Rouse

    Mitch Rouse, the screenwriter and film director, directed Employee of the Month and someone who wrote the screenplay for Without a Paddle and Employee of the Month