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You asked:

who died on the 5th may 1988

  • Thursday May 5th 1988 is the date of death of George Rose, Michael Shaara, Paul Seymour, Hamid Mirza, Frank Gallop, Billo Frómeta, R J Unstead, Jack Daly, Norm Betson, John Playfair Price, Jack Manning and D.D. Kashyap.
  • George Rose
    George Rose
    George Rose

  • Frank Gallop
    Frank Gallop
    Frank Gallop

  • Jack Daly
    Jack Daly
    Jack Daly

  • Michael Shaara

  • Paul Seymour

  • Hamid Mirza

  • Billo Frómeta

  • R J Unstead

  • Norm Betson

  • John Playfair Price