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You asked:

who died on the 4th june 1976

  • Friday June 4th 1976 is the date of death of Zoltán Latinovits, Eugene Cruft, Beatrice Trew and John Eliot Coit.
  • Zoltán Latinovits

    Zoltán Latinovits (Budapest, September 9, 1931 – Balatonszemes, June 4, 1976), the Hungarian actor, arguably the most significant one of the twentieth century

  • Eugene Cruft

    Eugene John Cruft (June 8 1887 - 4 June 1976), the British double bass player

  • Beatrice Trew

    Beatrice Janet Trew (December 4, 1897 - June 4, 1976), born on December 4, 1897, in Coates Mills, New Brunswick

  • John Eliot Coit

    John Eliot Coit, the American professor specializing in the horticultural fields of avocado, citrus and carob, and second curator of University of California Citrus Variety Collection