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who died on the 3rd may 1966

  • Tuesday May 3rd 1966 is the date of death of Alan Campbell Don, John Gaddy, Wylie Watson, Russ Westover, Adolph Schönfelder, Alan Don and Adolf Riebe.
  • Wylie Watson
    Wylie Watson

    Wylie Watson (February 6 1889 - May 3 1966), the British actor

  • Russ Westover
    Russ Westover
    Russ Westover

    Russ Westover (March 8, 1886, Los Angeles, California - May 3, 1966), the cartoonist best known for his long-run comic strip Tillie the Toiler

  • Adolph Schönfelder
    Adolph Schönfelder
    Adolph Schönfelder

    Heinrich Ferdinand Adolph Schönfelder, the German politician, Alterspräsident of the Federal German parliamentary council in 1948-49, mayor of Hamburg, and member of the Hamburg Parliament

  • Alan Campbell Don

    The Revd Alan Campbell Don (1885-1966), Chaplain and Secretary to Cosmo Lang, Archbishop of Canterbury between 1931 and 1941, Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons between 1936 and 1946, and Dean of Westminster between 1946 and 1959

  • John Gaddy

    John Wilson Gaddy (February 5, 1914 in Wadesboro, North Carolina – May 3, 1966), the former professional baseball player who played pitcher in the Major Leagues for the Brooklyn Dodgers

  • Alan Don

    Alan Campbell Don KCVO DD, the trustee of the National Portrait Gallery author of the Scottish Book of Common Prayer, Chaplain and Secretary to Cosmo Lang, Archbishop of Canterbury between 1931 and 1941

  • Adolf Riebe

    Adolf Riebe, the Austrian football midfielder and manager

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