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You asked:

who died on the 10th march 1967

  • Yiorgos Batis, Tony Vandervell, Ambrose Kennedy, Billy Orr, Arthur Susskind, Ina Boyle, Elspeth Duxbury, Rudolf Reichert, Billy Orr and Samuel Burtis Baker.
  • Arthur Susskind
    Arthur Susskind
    Arthur Susskind

    Arthur Susskind also known as Young Otto set the record with 16 consecutive 1st round knockouts in boxing

  • Yiorgos Batis

    Yiorgos Batis (Greek: Γιώργος Μπάτης, also Giorgos Batis) (1885 - March 10, 1967), one of the first rebetes influential to rebetiko music

  • Tony Vandervell

    Guy Anthony "Tony" Vandervell (b. 8 September 1898 - d. 10 March 1967), the English industrialist, motor racing financier, and founder of the Vanwall Formula One racing team

  • Ambrose Kennedy

    Ambrose Kennedy (December 1, 1875 - March 10, 1967), the U.S. Representative from Rhode Island

  • Billy Orr

    William John Orr (April 22, 1891 - March 10, 1967), the Major League Baseball infielder

  • Ina Boyle

    Ina Boyle, the Irish composer - the most prolific and significant female composer from Ireland before 1950

  • Elspeth Duxbury

    Elspeth Duxbury, the British actress born in Mhow, India

  • Rudolf Reichert

    Rudolf Reichert, the highly decorated Generalleutnant in the Wehrmacht during World War II

  • Billy Orr

    William John Orr, the Major League Baseball infielder

  • Samuel Burtis Baker

    Samuel Burtis Baker, commonly known as Burt Baker, the American artist and teacher, best known for his portrait paintings