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You asked:

who died on january the 16th 2001

  • Tuesday January 16th 2001 is the date of death of Auberon Waugh, Virginia O'Brien, Leonard Woodcock, Jitendra Prasada, Richard MacNeish, Melvin McQuaid, Thomas Hart, Gordon Burton Grant and Ray Lightwood.
  • Virginia O'Brien
    Virginia O'Brien
    Virginia O'Brien

    Virginia O'Brien (born April 18, 1919 in Los Angeles, died January 16, 2001), the American singer and actress best known for playing supporting roles in MGM musicals in the 1940s, and for her unusual singing style

  • Leonard Woodcock
    Leonard Woodcock
    Leonard Woodcock

    Leonard Freel Woodcock (February 15, 1911 – January 16, 2001), the American labor union leader and diplomat who was the president of the United Automobile Workers (UAW) from 1970 to 1977

  • Auberon Waugh

    Auberon Alexander Waugh (November 17, 1939 - January 16, 2001), the British author and journalist

  • Jitendra Prasada

    Jitendra Prasada, the Indian politician and a former Vice-President of the Indian National Congress

  • Richard MacNeish

    Richard Stockton ("Scotty") MacNeish (April 29, 1918 — January 16, 2001), the American archaeologist and Mesoamericanist scholar, who conducted pioneering research into the origins of agriculture

  • Melvin McQuaid

    Melvin James McQuaid (6 September 1911 - 16 January 2001), the Progressive Conservative party member of the Canadian House of Commons

  • Thomas Hart

    Thomas Mure Hart (1 March 1909 - 16 January 2001), the Scottish cricketer and rugby union player

  • Gordon Burton Grant

    Gordon Burton Grant, the real estate and insurance agent and political figure in Saskatchewan

  • Ray Lightwood

    Raymond Lightwood, the British medical engineer who developed the first variable rate heart pacemaker, together with Leon Abrams at the University of Birmingham