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You asked:

which movies has stevo žigon starred in

  • The films that Stevo Žigon is a star in are Rondo, Putovanje na mjesto nesrece, Aloa: Festivity of the Whores, Novinar, Idealist, Memento, Oxygen, I'll Be Back, Deseti brat, Parlog and Zedj.
  • film

    Rondo, the 1966 Yugoslavian film by Croatian director Zvonimir Berković. It, filmed in Zagreb, Croatia (then Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia)

  • Putovanje na mjesto nesrece

    The Scene of the Crash, the 1971 Yugoslav drama film directed by Zvonimir Berković

  • Aloa: Festivity of the Whores

    Aloa: Festivity of the Whores, the 1988 Yugoslav film directed by Lordan Zafranović

  • Novinar

    Journalist, the 1979 Croatian drama film directed and written by Fadil Hadžić and starring Rade Šerbedžija, Fabijan Šovagović and Stevo Žigon

  • Idealist

    Idealist, the 1976 Yugoslav drama film directed by Igor Pretnar

  • Memento

    Memento, the movie released in 1967.

  • Oxygen

    Oxygen, the movie released in 1970.

  • I'll Be Back

    I'll Be Back, the movie released in 1957.

  • Deseti brat

    Deseti Brat, the movie released in 1982.

  • Parlog

    Parlog, the movie released in 1974.