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You asked:

which movies has götz george starred in

  • The films that Götz George is a star in are Schtonk!, After the Truth, Viktor Vogel - Commercial Man, commandos, The Blood of Fu Manchu, Destination Death, The Deathmaker, Mein Kampf, After the Truth, Man and Beast, 11 Uhr 20, The Cat and Ferien mit Piroschka.
  • Schtonk!

    Schtonk! (1992), the satirical German movie, retelling the hoax of the Hitler Diaries

  • After the Truth
    After the Truth
    After the Truth

    Nichts als die Wahrheit (1999; international English title After the Truth), the German film depicting the fictional trial of Dr. Josef Mengele, known as the "death angel of Auschwitz"

  • commandos

    Commandos, the Italian war film starring Lee Van Cleef and Jack Kelly and is directed by Armando Crispino

  • The Blood of Fu Manchu
    The Blood of Fu Manchu
    The Blood of Fu Manchu

    The Blood of Fu Manchu, also known as Fu Manchu and the Kiss of Death, Kiss of Death, Kiss and Kill and Against All Odds, the 1968 British adventure crime film based on the fictional Asian villain Fu Manchu, created by Sax Rohmer

  • Viktor Vogel - Commercial Man

    Viktor Vogel - Commercial Man, the German comedy released in 2001 in the US and other countries as Advertising Rules! Directed by Lars Kraume, the cast includes, Götz George, Alexander Scheer, and Chulpan Khamatova

  • Destination Death

    Destination Death, the 1964 West German-Yugoslavian war film directed by Wolfgang Staudte

  • The Deathmaker

    Deathmaker, the 1995 German film directed by Romuald Karmakar and starring Götz George, Jürgen Hentsch and Pierre Franckh

  • Mein Kampf

    Mein Kampf, the 2009 austrian movie

  • After the Truth

    After the Truth, the 1999 german movie

  • Man and Beast

    Man and Beast, the 1963 CCC Film German-Yugoslavian war film directed by Edwin Zbonek