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You asked:

which baseball players share a birthday with terry steinbach

  • Brandon Wood, Jared Sandberg, Ace Adams and Don Schwall.
  • Brandon Wood
    Brandon Wood
    Brandon Wood

    Richard Brandon Wood (born March 2, 1985 in Austin, Texas), the Major League Baseball third baseman for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

  • Jared Sandberg

    Jared Lawrence Sandberg (born March 2, 1978), the American baseball player for the Texas Rangers

  • Ace Adams

    Ace Townsend Adams (March 2, 1912 - February 26, 2006), the relief pitcher in Major League Baseball who played for the New York Giants (1941-46)

  • Don Schwall

    Donald Bernard Schwall (born March 2, 1936 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania), the former Major League Baseball right-handed pitcher who played with the Boston Red Sox (1961-62), Pittsburgh Pirates (1963-66) and Atlanta Braves (1966-67)