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You asked:

which authors share a birthday with mark haddon

  • Christina Milian, Gregory Crewdson, Cesar Rosas, Edith Abbott, Don Rico, Clair Huffaker and Edwin Keppel Bennett.
  • Christina Milian
    Christina Milian
    Christina Milian

    Christina Milian (born Christine Flores on September 26, 1981), the American R&B and pop singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress, and former MTV VJ

  • Gregory Crewdson
    Gregory Crewdson
    Gregory Crewdson

    Gregory Crewdson (born September 26 1962), the American photographer who is best known for elaborately staged, surreal scenes of American homes and neighborhoods

  • Edith Abbott
    Edith Abbott
    Edith Abbott

    Edith Abbott (September 26, 1876 - July 28, 1957), the American economist, social worker, educator, and author

  • Cesar Rosas

    C├ęsar Rosas (born September 26, 1954 in Hermosillo, Mexico), the singer, songwriter and guitarist for Los Lobos

  • Don Rico

    Donato Francisco Rico II (1912-1985), the American comic book writer and artist for Marvel Comics' predecessors, Timely and Atlas, and a paperback novelist

  • Clair Huffaker

    Clair Huffaker (September 26, 1926 - April 3, 1990), the U.S. author of westerns and other fiction, many of which, the turned into films

  • Edwin Keppel Bennett

    Edwin Keppel Bennett, nom de plume: Francis Bennett (September 26, 1887 - June 13, 1958), the English writer, poet, Germanist, and a prominent academic