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You asked:

which artists share a birthday with mitchell parish

  • Alexandra Hedison, Adam Hills, Gina Bellman, Gary LeVox, Benjamin Paul Akers, Ed McTaggart, Ivan Passer, Jack Coggins, Jean-Marie Poiré, Jimmy McHugh and Kevin Gilbert.
  • Alexandra Hedison
    Alexandra Hedison
    Alexandra Hedison

    Alexandra Mary Hedison (born July 10, 1969 in Los Angeles, California), the American actress, playing in the series The L Word on Showtime

  • Gary LeVox
    Gary LeVox
    Gary LeVox

    Gary LeVox (born Gary Wayne Vernon, Jr. on July 10, 1970 in Columbus, Ohio), the lead vocalist of American country trio Rascal Flatts

  • Ivan Passer
    Ivan Passer
    Ivan Passer

    Ivan Passer, (b. July 10, 1933) Czech-born film director & screenwriter

  • Jack Coggins
    Jack Coggins
    Jack Coggins

    Jack Banham Coggins (July 10, 1911 - January 30, 2006), the illustrator, author, and artist, who is best known in the United States for his oil paintings of predominantly marine subjects and for his books on space travel

  • Kevin Gilbert
    Kevin Gilbert
    Kevin Gilbert

    Kevin Gilbert (1933-1993), the 20th century Indigenous Australian activist writer and artist

  • Adam Hills

    Adam Hills (born in Sydney in 1970), the Australian comedian

  • Gina Bellman

    Gina Bellman (born July 10 1966), the English actress

  • Benjamin Paul Akers

    Benjamin Paul Akers (July 10 1825 - May 21 1861), the able American sculptor

  • Ed McTaggart

    Ed McTaggart (born July 10, 1951), the America drummer, photographer and artist

  • Jean-Marie Poiré

    Jean-Marie Poiré (born July 10, 1945), the French film director, writer, and producer