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what sort of animal is a booby

  • bird, Pelecaniformes, Sulidae, Neognathae, Modern birds, Ciconiiformes and Suliformes.
  • bird

    bird (a feathered animal with wings)

  • Pelecaniformes

    Pelecaniformes, an order of medium-sized and large waterbirds found worldwide

  • Sulidae

    The bird family Sulidae comprises the gannets and boobies

  • Neognathae

    Neognaths, birds that within the subclass Neornithes of the class Aves

  • Modern birds
    Modern birds

    Modern birds, a members of class Aves that have survived into recent times and have coexisted with humans

  • Ciconiiformes

    Traditionally, an order Ciconiiformes has included a variety of large, long-legged wading birds with large bills: storks, herons, egrets, ibises, spoonbills, and several others

  • Suliformes

    The order Suliformes, the proposed order by the International Ornithologist's Union

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