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what kind of fish is butterfish

  • mackerel, bony fish, Actinopterygii, Perciformes, Teleostei, Neopterygii, Acanthopterygii, snake mackerel, Gempylidae and Scombroidei.
  • mackerel

    mackerel (a white fish from a number of different species of fish, mostly, but not exclusively, from the family Scombridae)

  • bony fish
    bony fish

    bony fish (any fish of the class Osteichthyes)

  • Actinopterygii

    Actinopterygii, comprising the class of the ray-finned fishes

  • Perciformes

    Perciformes, also called the Percomorphi or Acanthopteri, a largest order of vertebrates containing about 40% of all bony fish

  • Teleostei

    Teleostei, one of three infraclasses in class Actinopterygii, a ray-finned fishes

  • Neopterygii

    Neopterygii, a group of Actinopteri animals

  • Acanthopterygii

    Acanthopterygii, a name of a superorder of fish in the class Actinopterygii

  • snake mackerel
    snake mackerel

    Snake mackerel, perciform fishes in the family Gempylidae

  • Gempylidae

    Gempylidae, a family of perciform fishes, commonly known as snake mackerels or escolars

  • Scombroidei

    Scombroidei, a suborder of the Perciformes, a largest order of fish

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