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what kind of animal is a lynx

  • quadruped, cat, Carnivora, Felinae, Feliformia, Laurasiatheria and non-human mammal.
  • quadruped

    quadruped (an animal that moves about on four limbs)

  • cat

    cat (a member of the feline family of mammals)

  • Carnivora

    Carnivora (primarily terrestrial species of carnivorous placental mammals)

  • Felinae

    Felinae, a subfamily of the family Felidae which includes the genera and species listed below

  • Feliformia

    Feliformia, a suborder within the order Carnivora and includes the 'true-cats', hyenas, mongooses, civets and related taxa

  • Laurasiatheria

    Laurasiatheria, a clade of rank cohort or super-order, within the Placentalia or Eutheria infraclass of mammals, based on DNA sequence analyses and Retrotransposon presence/absence data

  • non-human mammal (a warm-blooded vertebrate of the class Mammalia that is not a human being)

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