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You asked:

what is the genre of stereo love

  • Stereo Love's genres are house music, Indie-electro, trance, techno music, Progressive house music, Electro music, Vocal trance, Progressive electronic music and Vocal house.
  • trance

    trance music (rythmic, repeatitive electronic music developed in the 90s)

  • house music

    House music, the genre of electronic dance music that originated in Chicago in the early 1980s

  • Indie-electro

    Indie-Electro, the term used to describe music that combines electronic music and rock music of any kind

  • techno music

    techno music (The musical personification of industrial Detroit from the 1980s)

  • Progressive house music

    Progressive house, the style (subgenre) of house music

  • Electro music

    Electro, short for electro funk (also known as robot hip hop and Electro hop), the electronic style of hip hop directly influenced by Kraftwerk and funk records (unlike earlier rap records which, the closer to disco)

  • Vocal trance

    Vocal trance, the subgenre of trance music

  • Progressive electronic music

    Progressive electronic dance music usually, referring to differentiate various offshoot styles of electronic dance music from their parent styles, which include trance music, house music, breakbeat and GRP fusion

  • Vocal house

    Vocal house, the musical genre that came to the fore in the late 1980s and early 1990s