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what hong kong films has louis koo acted in

  • Louis Koo is an actor in the Hong Kong films Rob-B-Hood, Flash Point, Election, The Legend of Zu and Connected, among others.
  • Flash Point
    Flash Point

    Flash Point, the 2007 Hong Kong martial arts action film directed by Wilson Yip and featuring fight choreography by Donnie Yen, who also co-produced and stars in the film

  • Election

    Election (Chinese title: 黑社會 - literally "Black Society", a common Cantonese reference to the society of Triads), the 2005 Hong Kong film directed by Johnnie To with a large ensemble cast

  • Connected

    Connected, the 2008 Hong Kong action-crime thriller film directed by Benny Chan

  • Protégé

    Protégé (pronounced as 'Moon To' in Cantonese), the 2007 film directed by Derek Yee, starring Andy Lau, Daniel Wu, Louis Koo, Anita Yuen, and Zhang JingChu

  • Overheard

    Overheard, the 2009 Hong Kong crime thriller film written and directed by Alan Mak and Felix Chong, and produced by Henry Fong and Derek Yee

  • Triple Tap
    Triple Tap
    Triple Tap

    Triple Tap, the 2010 Hong Kong action thriller film directed by Derek Yee

  • Election 2
    Election 2

    Election 2 (Chinese: 黑社會以和為貴, literally "Black Society (triads) Value Peace Most"), also known as Triad Election in the US, the 2006 Hong Kong crime film directed by Johnnie To with a large ensemble cast

  • Triangle

    Triangle, the 2007 Hong Kong crime-thriller film produced and directed by Tsui Hark, Ringo Lam, and Johnnie To

  • Lost in Time
    Lost in Time

    Lost in Time, the 2003 Hong Kong drama directed by Derek Yee

  • Throw Down
    Throw Down

    Throw Down, the 2004 Hong Kong film directed by Johnnie To

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