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what did mark ronson compose

  • Mark Ronson is an author of Wake Up Call, Back to Black, Hurt, Slow Down Baby, Littlest Things, Impossible, Back to Black, Corners of My Mind, Keep on Moving On and Record Collection.
  • Wake Up Call
    Wake Up Call

    Wake Up Call, the 2007 single by Maroon 5

  • Back to Black
    Back to Black

    Back to Black, the 2007 single by Amy Winehouse

  • Hurt

    Hurt, the 2006 single by Christina Aguilera

  • Slow Down Baby
    Slow Down Baby

    Slow Down Baby, the 2007 single by Christina Aguilera

  • Littlest Things
    Littlest Things

    Littlest Things, the 2006 single by Lily Allen

  • Impossible

    "Impossible", the third single by Daniel Merriweather taken from his second album Love & War

  • Back to Black

    Back to Black, the work released by Amy Winehouse in 2007.

  • Corners of My Mind

    Corners of My Mind, the work

  • Keep on Moving On

    Keep on Moving On, the work

  • Record Collection

    Record Collection, the work

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