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what are the landforms in ontario

  • The landscape features that are in Ontario include Lake Superior, Lake Michigan-Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and Lake Huron.
  • Lake Superior
    Lake Superior

    Lake Superior, the largest of the five Great Lakes of North America

  • Lake Michigan-Huron
    Lake Michigan-Huron

    Lake Michigan-Huron, the designation sometimes given to the body of water (part of the North American Great Lakes) customarily referred to as two separate lakes: Lake Michigan and Lake Huron

  • Lake Erie
    Lake Erie

    Lake Erie, one of five Great Lakes dividing the USA and Canada

  • Lake Ontario
    Lake Ontario

    Lake Ontario, one of the five Great Lakes of North America

  • Lake Huron
    Lake Huron

    Lake Huron, the lake in Canada

  • Welland Canal
    Welland Canal

    Welland Canal, the canal in Ontario, Canada

  • Lake Saint Clair
    Lake Saint Clair

    Lake St. Clair (French: Lac Sainte-Claire), the lake that lies between Ontario, Canada, and Michigan in the United States, located about 10 kilometres (6 mi) northeast of Detroit and Windsor, Ontario

  • Lake Simcoe
    Lake Simcoe

    Lake Simcoe, the lake in southern Ontario, Canada, the twelfth-largest lake in the province

  • Acton

    Acton, the place in Ontario, Canada

  • Lake Nipigon
    Lake Nipigon

    Lake Nipigon (French: lac Nipigon), the largest lake entirely within the boundaries of the Canadian province of Ontario and is sometimes described as the sixth Great Lake

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