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You asked:

what are the different types of greenhouses

  • Greenhouse's subclasses include Nortene Medium Walk In Greenhouse, Victorian Greenhouse 8x8 for Dwarf Wall, Alm Gh001 Glazing Clips X50, Victorian Greenhouse 8x15 and Victorian Greenhouse 8 x 8.
  • greenhouse
    Nortene Medium Walk In Greenhouse

  • Victorian Greenhouse 8x8 for Dwarf Wall

  • Alm Gh001 Glazing Clips X50

  • Victorian Greenhouse 8x15

  • Victorian Greenhouse 8 x 8

  • Greenhouse Fly Catcher

  • 6x4 Green Greenhouse with Clear Polycarbonate

  • Parasene 597 Frost Shield

  • Alm Gh002 Lap Clips X50

  • Aluminium Lap Strips