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ward bond and who starred in my darling clementine

  • A star of My Darling Clementine with Ward Bond are Henry Fonda, Walter Brennan, Victor Mature, Linda Darnell, John Ireland, Tim Holt, Jane Darwell, Grant Withers, Alan Mowbray, Cathy Downs, J. Farrell MacDonald and Ben Hall.
  • Henry Fonda
    Henry Fonda

    Henry Fonda (1905-1982), the American actor

  • Walter Brennan
    Walter Brennan

    Walter Brennan (July 25 1894 – September 21 1974), the three-time Academy Award winning American actor

  • Linda Darnell
    Linda Darnell

    Linda Darnell (October 16, 1923 – April 10, 1965), the American film actress

  • Tim Holt
    Tim Holt

    Tim Holt (February 5, 1919 - February 15, 1973), the American film actor

  • Jane Darwell
    Jane Darwell

    Jane Darwell (October 15, 1879 - August 13, 1967), the Academy Award-winning American theater and film actress

  • Grant Withers
    Grant Withers

    Grant Withers, (January 17, 1905, Pueblo, Colorado, U.S.- March 27, 1959, North Hollywood, California, U.S.), born Granville G. Withers, the prolific American film actor with a sizeable body of work

  • Alan Mowbray
    Alan Mowbray

    Alan Mowbray (August 18, 1896 - March 25, 1969), the English stage and film actor who found success in Hollywood

  • Cathy Downs
    Cathy Downs

    Cathy Downs (born March 3, 1924; died December 8, 1976), the American film actress

  • J. Farrell MacDonald
    J. Farrell MacDonald
    J. Farrell MacDonald

    Joseph Farrell MacDonald (6 June, 1875 - 2 August, 1952), the American actor and director who played supporting roles and occasional leads, particularly in the films of John Ford

  • Victor Mature (29 January 1913 – 4 August 1999), an American film actor, born in Louisville, Kentucky to a Tyrolean father, Marcellus George Mature, a cutler, and a Swiss-American mother, Clara Mature

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