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You asked:

types of tortilla

  • Tortilla's subclasses include Tostada, Nachos, Low-carb tortilla, tortilla chip and tostada.
  • Nachos

    Nachos, a popular snack food, originating in Mexico

  • tortilla chip
    tortilla chip
    tortilla chip

    tortilla chip (a snack food made from corn tortillas cut into wedges and fried)

  • baleada

    A Baleada or "Valiada", the traditional Honduran dish composed of a flour tortilla, often quite thick, folded in half and filled with mashed fried beans

  • Totopo

    Totopo, in Mexican cuisine, the flat, round, or triangular corn product similar to a tortilla, that has been toasted, fried or baked, but it may be prepared with nixtamalized corn masa

  • tortilleria

    A tortilleria, or tortilla bakery, the shop that produces and sells freshly made tortillas

  • Tostada

    Tostada, a Spanish word translating to "toasted" in English and in Latin American cuisine, refers to a flat tortilla that is toasted or deep fried

  • Low-carb tortilla

    low-carb tortilla, a type of wheat tortilla and has as few as 3 grams of net carbohydrates per tortilla, and is high in dietary fiber

  • tostada

    Tostada, the Spanish word meaning "toasted

  • piki

    Piki, the bread made from corn meal used in Hopi cuisine

  • Tortilla de rescoldo

    Tortilla de rescoldo, the traditional Chilean unleavened bread prepared by rural travelers