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types of crayfish

  • Crayfish's subclasses are Common yabby, Cambaridae, Astacidae, Cherax quinquecarinatus and Pacifastacus.
  • Common yabby
    Common yabby
    Common yabby

    common yabby, Cherax destructor, an Australian freshwater crustacean in the Parastacidae family

  • Cambaridae

    Cambaridae, a largest of the three families of freshwater crayfish, with over 400 species

  • Pacifastacus

    Pacifastacus, a genus of crayfish native to western North America

  • Astacidae

    The family Astacidae comprises the freshwater crayfish native to Europe and western North America

  • Cherax quinquecarinatus

    Cherax quinquecarinatus, a small freshwater crayfish endemic to the south-west corner of Australia