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type of ants

  • Ant's subclasses include Sphecomyrma freyi, Prionomyrmex macrops, green-head ant, Ecitoninae and Eciton burchellii.
  • Ecitoninae

    Ecitoninae, the taxon and type of animal, a type of ant and animal

  • Eciton burchellii
    Eciton burchellii

    Eciton burchellii, a predominant species of the genus Eciton and a type of New World army ant

  • Dolichoderinae

    Dolichoderinae, a subfamily of ants, which includes species such as the Argentine ant, an erratic ant, an odorous house ant, and the cone ant

  • Ponerinae

    Ponerinae, a subfamily of ants in the Poneromorph subfamilies group

  • Myrmicinae

    Myrmicinae, a subfamily of ants

  • Aenictus

    army ant genus Aenictus, an enigmatic group known from Africa, tropical Asia, and Queensland

  • Myrmeciinae

    Myrmeciinae, a subfamily of the Formicidae that, once found worldwide but is now restricted to Australia and New Caledonia

  • Pseudomyrmecinae

    ant subfamily Pseudomyrmecinae, a small group, containing only three genera of generally slender, wasp-like forms that forage solitarily and sting readily

  • Leptanillinae

    Leptanillinae, a subfamily of ants

  • Cerapachyinae

    Cerapachynae, a subfamily of ants of the Formicidae family

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