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pornstars from the state of georgia

  • Georgia is the birthplace of the Pornographic actors Shay Laren is Ciara Shay Ramsey, Sunny Lane, David Papaleo, Sonny Landham, Desireé Cousteau, Alexa Rae, Pandora Peaks, Dylan Vox, Johnny Rahm and Tyson Cane.
  • Sunny Lane
    Sunny Lane

    Sunny Lane (born in Georgia, USA), the American pornographic actress, prostitute, and nude model

  • Dylan Vox
    Dylan Vox

    Dylan Vox (born December 25 1978), the American actor and porn star who performed in pornography under the name Brad Benton

  • Tyson Cane
    Tyson Cane

    Tyson Cane, the actor and african-american, a star in Black in Demand

  • Shay Laren is an American model and lesbian pornographic actress. Her real name is Ciara Shay Ramsey.

  • David Papaleo (born January 21, 1970), the competitive bodybuilder, fitness model and personal trainer who is mostly known as the pornographic actor named Tom Katt

  • William M. "Sonny" Landham (born February 11, 1941), the American movie actor and political candidate

  • Desireé Cousteau (born Deborah Clearbranch in 1956 in Savannah, Georgia, U.S.), the pornographic actress of the 1970s and 1980s

  • Alexa Rae (born December 10 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia), the American pornographic actress

  • Pandora Peaks (born April 12, 1964 in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.), the retired adult star, big-bust model, and stripper who currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Johnny Rahm (June 11, 1965 - November 7, 2004), the stagename of Barry "J.T." Rogers, an American film actor who appeared in gay pornographic movies and magazines

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