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You asked:

porn stars that died of aids

  • The pornographic actors that AIDS is a cause of death of include John Holmes, Marc Stevens, Lee Ryder, Rod Phillips and Boomer.
  • Pornographic actor
    Pornographic actor
    John Holmes

    John Curtis Holmes (August 8, 1944 – March 13, 1988) better known as John C. Holmes or Johnny Wadd (after the lead character in a series of related films), one of the most famous male adult film stars of all time, appearing in about 2

  • Marc Stevens

    Marc Stevens (born Marc Kutner, February 9 1943 - August 1989), the American erotic performer

  • Lee Ryder

    Lee Ryder (born Darras Robert Pyron on August 3, 1959, Laguna, California, and died on July 10, 1991, in Los Angeles, California), the American porn star who performed in gay pornography films from 1981 to 1986

  • Rod Phillips

    Rod Phillips (born Gregory Leslie Patton on August 23, 1960, in El Centro, California, died May 24, 1993, in West Hollywood, California), the American porn star who appeared in gay pornographic films from 1982 to 1993

  • Boomer

    "Boomer", the American porn star

  • Jeffrey Wayne Cole

    Jeffrey Wayne Cole, better known as Buster (23 August 1956 -10 May 1991), the American pornographic actor who appeared in gay adult films

  • Joey Yale

    Joseph Yamoska (25 December 1949 - 18 April 1986), the American pornographic actor who worked under the stage name Joey Yale

  • Lisa De Leeuw

    Lisa De Leeuw (1958–1993), the American pornographic actress

  • Karen Dior

    Karen Dior (February 14, 1967 – August 25, 2004), born Geoffrey Gann, the American adult film performer and director

  • Al Parker

    Al Parker (b. June 25 1952, Natick, Massachusetts -d. August 17 1992, San Francisco, California), the gay American pornographic actor (porn star), producer, and director