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You asked:

people who climbed mt everest

  • Mount Everest's climbers are Sir Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay, Annelie Pompe, Patrick Morrow, Saško Kedev and Craig Hanneman.
  • Sir Edmund Hillary
    Sir Edmund Hillary
    Sir Edmund Hillary

    Sir Edmund Percival Hillary, KG, ONZ, KBE (born 20 July 1919), the New Zealand mountaineer and explorer

  • Tenzing Norgay

    Tenzing Norgay GM (May 1914 - 9 May 1986), often referred to as Sherpa Tenzing, the Nepalese Sherpa mountaineer

  • Annelie Pompe

    Annelie Pompe, the adventurer and athlete from Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Patrick Morrow

    Patrick Allan Morrow, CM, (born October 18, 1952 in Invermere, British Columbia)

  • Saško Kedev

    Saško Kedev, also Sashko Kedev, the Macedonian politician and doctor of medical sciences

  • Craig Hanneman

    Craig Lewis Hanneman (born July 1, 1949 in Salem, Oregon), the former American football player who played in the National Football League from 1972 to 1975