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You asked:

people involved in optimedica

  • The people that is majorly involved in Optimedica are Brook Byers, Craig Taylor, Mark Blumenkranz, Thomas Brunner and Mark Forchette.
  • Brook Byers

    Brook Byers, the senior partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and the brother of Stanford University Professor Tom Byers

  • Craig Taylor

    Craig Taylor, the Partner and company founder, a founder of Alloy Ventures, educated at Brown University and a company director of Pharmacyclics and Galileo Pharmaceuticals Inc.

  • Mark Blumenkranz

    Mark Blumenkranz, the Professor and Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology, educated at Brown University, employed by Stanford University and a company director of Optimedica and MidLabs Inc.

  • Thomas Brunner

    Thomas Brunner, the VP, Marketing and Sales and Vice President, Opthalmic Business Unit, employed by Coherent Medical Group and educated at Lehigh University and University of Delaware

  • Mark Forchette

    Mark Forchette, the President and CEO and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, educated at Auburn University, a company director of Optimedica and employed by Alcon and Optimedica