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You asked:

people involved in kodiak networks

  • The people that is majorly involved in Kodiak Networks are Jeff Brody, Stewart A. Gollmer, John Vice, F. Craig Farrill, Bruce Lawler, Kris Patel and Scott Raney.
  • Jeff Brody

    Jeff Brody, the Associate and engineering services business, employed by Schlumberger and educated at University of California, Berkeley and Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • Stewart A. Gollmer

    Stewart A. Gollmer, the SVP in Private Equity and Partner, employed by Lehman Brothers and educated at Johns Hopkins University and University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

  • John Vice

    John Vice, the President and CEO and Chief Executive Officer, employed by Nortel and Kodiak Networks and educated at McMaster University and University of Western Ontario

  • F. Craig Farrill

    F. Craig Farrill, the Managing Director and Chief Technical Officer, a founder of Kodiak Networks, employed by Pac Tel and Rockwell International and a company director of Conexant and Kodiak Networks

  • Bruce Lawler

    Bruce Lawler, the Director of Product Engineering and Program Manager, Networks Operations Center, educated at MIT and Purdue University and employed by Motorola and General Electric

  • Kris Patel

    Kris Patel, the company founder and Co-Founder, EVP Products and Customer Support, and CTO, employed by 3Com and Motorola and educated at B.V.M. and Illinois Institute of Technology

  • Scott Raney

    Scott Raney, the Partner and Director of Engineering, educated at duke university and Harvard Business School and employed by Bain & Company and NorthPoint Communications