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You asked:

musicians who died of viral hepatitis

  • The musicians that viral hepatitis is a cause of death of are Yootha Joyce, José Alfredo Jiménez, Jorge Negrete, Don Cherry, Karen Dior, Billy Higgins and Roger Voudouris.
  • José Alfredo Jiménez
    José Alfredo Jiménez
    José Alfredo Jiménez

    José Alfredo Jiménez (born January 9, 1926 in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, died November 23, 1973 in Mexico City, Mexico), the Mexican singer-songwriter in the ranchera style

  • Don Cherry
    Don Cherry
    Don Cherry

    Don Cherry (November 18 1936-October 19 1995), the innovative jazz trumpeter probably best known for his long association with saxophonist Ornette Coleman

  • Yootha Joyce

    Yootha Joyce (20 August 1927 - 24 August 1980), the English actress who was best known for playing Mildred Roper in Man About the House and George and Mildred

  • Jorge Negrete

    Jorge Alberto Negrete Moreno (November 30, 1911 - December 5, 1953), considered one of the most popular Mexican singers and actors of all time

  • Karen Dior

    Karen Dior (February 14, 1967 – August 25, 2004), born Geoffrey Gann, the American adult film performer and director

  • Billy Higgins

    Billy Higgins (October 11, 1936-May 3, 2001), the American jazz drummer

  • Roger Voudouris

    Roger Voudouris (29 December 1954 - 3 August 2003), the American singer-songwriter/guitarist best known for his 1979 hit, "Get Used To It"