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You asked:

music directors born in 1973

  • The conductors born in 1973 were Xian Zhang, Gerard Salonga, Borjan Canev, Josep Caballé Domenech, Gregory Vajda, Eddie Chow, Gabriel Crouch, Sasha Mäkilä, Petr Pololáník and Jérémie Rhorer.
  • Josep Caballé Domenech
    Josep Caballé Domenech
    Josep Caballé Domenech

    Josep Caballé Domenech, the Spanish musician and conductor

  • Eddie Chow
    Eddie Chow
    Eddie Chow

    Eddie Chow, the music director and entrepreneur based in USA

  • Petr Pololáník
    Petr Pololáník
    Petr Pololáník

    Petr Pololáník, the Czech conductor, orchestrator and music producer

  • Xian Zhang

    Xian Zhang, born in 1973 in Dandong, China), the Chinese American conductor

  • Gerard Salonga

    Gerard Salonga, the conductor, musical arranger, orchestrator and musical director from the Philippines

  • Borjan Canev

    Borjan Canev, the Macedonian conductor trained at the Royal College of Music in London

  • Gregory Vajda

    Gregory Vajda (born 1973), the Hungarian conductor and composer

  • Gabriel Crouch

    Gabriel Crouch, the British baritone and choral conductor

  • Sasha Mäkilä

    Sasha Mäkilä (born 1973), the Finnish conductor

  • Jérémie Rhorer

    Jérémie Rhorer, the French harpsichordist, organist and conductor