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movies starring groton school graduates

  • The Great Gatsby, Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding, Exiled: A Law & Order Movie, Fatal Attraction, My Cousin Vinny, Heaven's Gate, La Luna, The Killing Fields, Christine, Pet Sematary, The Man in the Moon, The Secret of My Succe$s, Hannah and Her Sisters, The National Parks, A.I. Assault, Baywatch the Movie: Forbidden Paradise, The Cotton Club, Capricorn One, Spy Hard, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Serial Mom, Diary of a Sex Addict, Dragnet, The Boy Who Could Fly, Ironweed, Piranha, Father of the Bride Part II, Interiors, Le Divorce, Tru Loved, 8 Million Ways to Die, Shadows and Fog, The Matthew Shepard Story, American Flyers, Mindwalk, Swimming to Cambodia, In My Sleep, Hopscotch, Shadow Conspiracy, The Frankenstein Brothers, Death Train, Rancho Deluxe, Night Watch, Water, Miracle at Midnight, Friendly Fire, September, Munster, Go Home!, Warning Sign, Disorganized Crime, Dragnet, The Paperboy, The Glass Menagerie, Atomic Power, So Fine, Savages, Just Between Friends, David's Mother, Lantern Hill, Sunset Grill, Finnegan Begin Again, Just the Way You Are, Simon, Eagle's Wing, The Fifth Missile, Welcome Home, The Boy Who Loved Trolls, War Comes to America, Journey into Fear, Journey into Fear, Paradise Lost, The Proprietor, The Room Upstairs, Sweet Revenge, The, Our Enemy — The Japanese, Cover Me Babe, Echo, What Is the Electric Car?, Sweet William, A Captive in the Land, Facing the Enemy, Arthur's Quest, Perry Mason, Spectre, In the Hands of the Enemy, The Journey of August King , Redemption of the Ghost, 10 Attitudes, The Glass Menagerie , Fallen Angel, Assault at West Point: The Court-Martial of Johnson Whittaker, The Christmas Star, He's Such a Girl,, Love Lives On, Anesthesia, Reflections of Murder, Three, September, Lincoln, Our Enemy- The Japanese, The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg, Any Friend of Nicholas Nickleby Is a Friend of Mine, Cyber Bandits, Millions, Disaster Zone, Green Sails, Danielle Steel's Mixed Blessings, A Lover's Revenge, The, Dangerous Isolation, Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York, Buried Alive, A Woman Hunted, Exposure, Trapped, Prey of the Chameleon, Blood Trap, Demons from Her Past, Rough Air, Gore Vidal's Lincoln, The Room Upstairs, What is the Electric Car?, Dempsey, Love Thy Neighbor, The Enemy Within and Generation.
  • The Great Gatsby
    The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby, the 1974 film made by Newdon Productions and Paramount Pictures

  • Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding
    Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding

    Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding, the 2003 made-for-TV movie which, a reunion movie for the popular series Baywatch

  • Exiled: A Law & Order Movie
    Exiled: A Law & Order Movie

    Exiled: A Law & Order Movie, the 1998 television movie that is based on the Law & Order television series; it originally aired on NBC

  • Fatal Attraction
    Fatal Attraction

    Fatal Attraction, the 1987 thriller about a married man who has a weekend affair with a woman who refuses to allow it to end and who becomes obsessed with him

  • My Cousin Vinny
    My Cousin Vinny

    My Cousin Vinny, the 1992 comedy film directed by Jonathan Lynn; starring Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei

  • Heaven's Gate
    Heaven's Gate

    Heaven's Gate, the 1980 western movie, which depicts a highly fictionalized account of the Johnson County War, a dispute between land barons and European immigrants in Wyoming in the 1890s

  • La Luna
    La Luna
    La Luna

    La Luna (credited Luna), the 1979 Italian film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci and starring Jill Clayburgh

  • The Killing Fields
    The Killing Fields

    The Killing Fields (1984), the British film drama about the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia

  • Christine

    Christine (also known as John Carpenter's Christine), the horror film about a supernaturally malevolent automobile and its effects on the teenager who owns it, adapted from a novel written by Stephen King

  • Pet Sematary
    Pet Sematary

    Pet Sematary (sometimes referred to as Stephen King's Pet Sematary), the 1989 horror film adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name

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