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list the types of pig

  • Pig's subclasses include Boar, Boar, wild boar, Bearded Pig and Visayan Warty Pig.
  • Boar

    Wild boar, a species of pig, including at least 16 subspecies, and part of the biological family Suidae

  • Boar

    boar or wild boar, an omnivorous, gregarious mammal of the biological family Suidae

  • wild boar
    wild boar
    wild boar

    wild boar, a species of the pig genus Sus, part of the biological family Suidae

  • Bearded Pig
    Bearded Pig

    Bearded Pig or Bornean Bearded Pig, a species of pig

  • Visayan Warty Pig
    Visayan Warty Pig

    Visayan warty pig, Sus cebifrons, a critically endangered species of pig

  • domestic pig
    domestic pig

    domestic pig, normally given the scientific name Sus scrofa scrofa, though some taxonomists use the term S. domestica, reserving S. scrofa for the wild boar

  • Black Iberian Pig
    Black Iberian Pig

    Black Iberian Pig, a breed, Mediterraneus, of the domestic pig that is indigenous to the Mediterranean area

  • Berkshire

    Berkshire Pigs, a rare breed of pig originating from Britain

  • Large Black pig
    Large Black pig

    Large Black pig, a breed of domestic pig native to Great Britain

  • Razorback

    Razorback (Razorbacks, also referred to as an Old World swine, Eurasian wild boar, or Russian wild boar, feral pigs that, the brought to North America by the explorer Hernando de Soto during the mid-1550s)

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