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list movies made in the year that olga chekhova was born

  • La Bandera Argentina, Call of the Wild, The Haunted Castle, New Pillow Fight, The Miller and the Sweep, Après le bal, The Haverstraw Tunnel, Kørsel med Grønlandske Hunde, Entre Calais et Douvres, Shooting the Chutes, Attaque d'un poste anglais, Auguste et Bibb, Making Love in a Hammock, Drum Corps and Militia, Death of Marat, Japanese Rope Walker, Cortège du boeuf gras passant Place de la Concorde, An Unfriendly Call, Market Square, Harrisburg, Pa., De zoo van Antwerpen, Leander Sisters, Throwing Over a Wall, Comboio do Douro, Making Soap Bubbles, Three Jolly Girls and the Fun They Had with the Old Swing, Ballet libella, Arlequin et charbonnier, Weary Willie, Hanging Out the Clothes, At the Top of Brooklyn Bridge, Ten Nights in a Barroom, Dernier Longchamp fleuri, The Philadelphia City Hall, Riña de hombres en el zocalo, Sunlight Soap Washing Competition, Feest van het Lanciersescadron in Oudenaarde, Procession du T.S. sacrement du miracle, Danse serpentine, Parisienne Girls, 13th Infantry, U.S. Army: Scaling Walls with Wounded and Dying, Governors Island, Danseuses au jardin de Paris, Le marché aux poissons, Marquis, Sainte-Gudule, The Model, The Maher-Choynski Fight, Theft, Petit frère et petite soeur, S.S. 'Queen' Loading, The Rocket Coach, Buffalo Fire Department in Action, Hauling a Scoop Net, Fisherman's Luck, Armour's Electric Trolley, Life Rescue, Gugusse and the Automaton, Vente d'esclaves au harem, Gugusse and the Automaton, Baignade en mer, A Coon Cake Walk, On the Roof, Dewars Scotch Whiskey, Au réfectoire, The Vanishing Lady, Dance, Franchonetti Sisters, Salida de la misa de doce de la Iglesia del Pilar de Zaragoza, The Hallucinated Alchemist, Hungarian Cavalry Charge, Between Calais and Dover, The Bewitched Inn, Après le bal, Départ de Jérusalem en chemin de fer, The Alchemist's Hallucination, Le musulman rigolo, The Surrender of Tournavos, L'auberge ensorcelée, La Prise de Tournavos, Gaumont Treasures, Les grandes manoeuvres belges, Les parisiennes, Pie Eating Contest, 13th Infantry, U.S. Army: Bayonet Exercise, Governors Island, Ten Inch Disappearing Carriage Gun Loading and Firing, Sandy Hook, Embarquement pour la promenade, Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, Cal., Enfant et chien, Girard College Cadets in Review, Comic Face, Girls Swinging, Mountainous, S.S. 'Queen' Leaving Dock, Side-Walks of New York, A Drunkard's Dream, On the Beach, Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria, Burlesque Cake Walk, Southern Pacific Overland Mail, The Workers, President Cleveland and President McKinley, Santa Claus Filling Stockings and Place de l'Opéra.
  • The Miller and the Sweep
    The Miller and the Sweep
    The Miller and the Sweep

  • Kørsel med Grønlandske Hunde
    Kørsel med Grønlandske Hunde
    Kørsel med Grønlandske Hunde

  • La Bandera Argentina

  • Call of the Wild

  • The Haunted Castle

  • New Pillow Fight

  • Après le bal

  • The Haverstraw Tunnel

  • Entre Calais et Douvres

  • Shooting the Chutes