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You asked:

in what movies has tony leung chiu wai starred with zhang ziyi

  • The films that Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Zhang Ziyi are the stars in are Hero, 2046, The Grandmasters, 2046 and The Grandmaster.
  • Hero

    Hero, the Chinese wuxia film, directed by Zhang Yimou with music by Tan Dun

  • 2046

    2046, the Hong Kong movie (filmed in Shanghai) written and directed by Wong Kar-wai and released in 2004

  • The Grandmasters

    The Grandmasters, the upcoming Hong Kong action drama film based on the life story of Wing Chun grandmaster Yip Man

  • 2046

    2046, the romance sci-fi movie released in 2004.

  • The Grandmaster

    The Grandmaster, the 2013 Hong Kong-Chinese martial arts drama film based on the life story of the Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man