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harry langdon and who starred in misbehaving husbands

  • A star of Misbehaving Husbands with Harry Langdon are Esther Muir, Betty Blythe, Ralph Byrd, Byron Barr, Frank Jaquet, Gayne Whitmer and Charlotte Treadway.
  • Betty Blythe
    Betty Blythe
    Betty Blythe

    Betty Blythe (1 September 1893 - 7 April 1972), born Elizabeth Blythe Slaughter, the American silent-screen star who became a supporting actress during the talkies

  • Ralph Byrd
    Ralph Byrd

    Ralph Byrd, the actor, living in Dayton, Ohio and a star in Dick Tracy and The Vigilante

  • Esther Muir (March 11 1903 - August 1 1995), the character actress on Broadway and in Hollywood films

  • Byron Barr

    Byron Barr (August 18, 1917 - November 3, 1966), the American actor born in Corning, Iowa

  • Frank Jaquet

    Frank Jaquet, the actor, a star of Misbehaving Husbands and Gene Autry Collection

  • Gayne Whitmer

    Gayne Whitmer, the actor, a star of Misbehaving Husbands

  • Charlotte Treadway

    Charlotte Treadway, the actor, a star of Delinquent Parents and A Boy, a Girl and a Dog

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