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general motors cars

  • General Motors vehicle's subclasses include GM New Look Bus, Geo/Chevrolet Tracker, StabiliTrak, Bedford Vehicles and Futurliner.
  • GM New Look  Bus
    GM New Look Bus

    GMC New Look Transit Coach series, introduced in 1959

  • Geo/Chevrolet Tracker
    Geo/Chevrolet Tracker

    Geo/Chevrolet Tracker, a mini SUV produced by Chevrolet and Geo The Geo Tracker, a mini SUV introduced in late 1988 as a 1989 model

  • Bedford Vehicles
    Bedford Vehicles

    Bedford, the subsidiary of Vauxhall Motors, itself the British subsidiary of General Motors (GM), established in 1930 and constructing commercial vehicles

  • Futurliner

    GM Futurliners, a group of stylized buses designed in the 1940s by Harley Earl for General Motors

  • General Motors EV1
    General Motors EV1

    EV1, a first modern production electric vehicle from a major automaker and also the first purpose-built electric car produced by General Motors in the United States

  • General Motors Firebird
    General Motors Firebird

    General Motors Firebird, a series of three concept cars designed by Harley Earl, and built by General Motors for the 1953, 1956 and 1959 Motorama auto shows

  • GM "old-look" transit bus
    GM "old-look" transit bus

    GM "old-look" transit bus, introduced in 1940 by Yellow Coach beginning with the production of the model TG-3201 bus

  • GM New Look bus
    GM New Look bus
    GM New Look bus

    GM New Look bus, also commonly known by the nickname "Fishbowl", a transit bus introduced in 1959 by General Motors and produced until 1987

  • PD-4501 Scenicruiser
    PD-4501 Scenicruiser

    GMC PD-4501 Scenicruiser, manufactured exclusively for Greyhound Lines, a distinguished coach used during 1950s to 1970s

  • General Motors EN-V
    General Motors EN-V
    General Motors EN-V

    General Motors EN-V, a 2-seat electric concept vehicle announced by General Motors on March 24, 2010

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