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You asked:

film producers involved in on with the dance

  • The film producers that are someone that was majorly involved in On with the Dance are Adolph Zukor, Mae Murray and George Fitzmaurice.
  • Adolph Zukor
    Adolph Zukor
    Adolph Zukor

    Adolf Cukor (Adolph Zukor) (January 7, 1873-June 10, 1976), the film mogul and founder of Paramount Pictures

  • Mae Murray
    Mae Murray
    Mae Murray

    Mae Murray, the American actress and dancer, who became known as "The Girl with the Bee-Stung Lips" and "The Gardenia of the Screen." Born Marie Adrienne Koenig in Portsmouth, Virginia

  • George Fitzmaurice

    George Fitzmaurice (13 February 1885 - 13 June 1940), the film director and producer