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film adel imam

  • The Yacoubian Building, Hassan and Marcus, Al-irhab wal kabab, The Danish Experience, Madrast Al-Mushaghebeen, [the beggar movie], Al Halfout, Salam Ya Sahby, Searching for a Scandal, Hello America, Sleeping in Honey, Morgan Ahmed Morgan, Elwad mahrous betaa alwazir, Mamnou Fi Laylat El-Dokhla, We Are the Bus People, Amir El Zalam, A Groom from the Security Entity, Khamsa Bab, The Embassy in the Building, Al-Mashbouh, The Street Player, Bobbos, Zahaimar, Hob Fi El-Zinzana, Esabat Hamada Wa Toto, As Not to Fly the Smoke, Al-Baadh Yathhab Lil Maathoun Maratain, Bakhit and Adeela 2, Allaeb ma'a alkebar, The Killer Who Killed No One, I, He and She, Bakhit and Adeela, Karakon fe al-sharea, My Wife, the Director General, the terrorist, Shaaban Taht El-Sifr, Hanafy the Wonderful, Resala ela alwaly, Toyour elzalam, Al-mouled, Al-Mashbouh, The Ghoul, Shams elzanaty, Watch Out from Alkhot, El Mansy, Harami el hob, Shabab Yarqos Fawq Al-Nar, Banat Fi El-Gamaa, El-Mahfaza Maaya, Al-mirayya, Intakhebo El-Doctoor Sulieman Abdel Basset, Malek El-Taks, Al-Mohem El-Hob, Azwaj Taeeshoon, How to Rob a Millionaire, Sweet and Naughty, El-Shayateen Wal Kora, Ragab Fawq Safeeh Sakhin, Shayatin Elal Abad, Waheda Bewaheda, Fatat El Esste'rad, Take Care of Your Mind, Bahibek Ya Helwa, El-Gaheem, Athkiya' laken aghbiya, Where Do You Hide the Sun?, Watch Out for Your Neighbors, Ragol Fakad Aklah, Where Do You Hide the Sun?, Ramadan Above the Volcano, Hello, I'm the Cat, Mosajal khatar, The Devil's Island, Wala Men Shaf Wala Min Derey, The Visitor, I Killed Alhanash, Gens Naem, El-Bahth an El-Mataeb, 24 Saa'a Hob, Rehla Laziza, My Wife's Dignity and Ana al-doctor.
  • The Yacoubian Building
    The Yacoubian Building
    The Yacoubian Building

    The Yacoubian Building, the Egyptian film based on the novel of the same title by author Alaa Al Aswany

  • [the beggar movie]
    [the beggar movie]
    [the beggar movie]

    The Beggar, the 1983 Egyptian comedy film starring Adel Emam

  • Hassan and Marcus

    Hassan and Marcus, the Egyptian film released in 2008

  • Al-irhab wal kabab

    Terrorism and Kebab, the popular 1992 Egyptian comedy film starring Adel Emam

  • The Danish Experience

    The Danish Experience, the popular 2003 Egyptian comedy film starring Adel Emam and Nicole Saba

  • Madrast Al-Mushaghebeen

    Madraset el-Moshaghbeen, the comedy play written by Ali Salem and directed by Husameddin Mustafa

  • Al Halfout

    Al Halfout, the 1985 film and satire written by Wahid Hamids and directed by Samir Seif and Mustafa Gamaleddin

  • Salam Ya Sahby

    Salam Ya Sahby, the movie released in 1986.

  • Searching for a Scandal

    Searching For A Scandal, the movie released in 1973.

  • Hello America

    Hello America, the movie released in 2000.