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You asked:

fashion models born in 1965

  • The models born in 1965 include Dalene Kurtis, Sangeeta Bijlani, Rhea Pillai, Waris Dirie and Reema Khan.
  • Luma de Oliveira
    Luma de Oliveira
    Luma de Oliveira

    Luma de Oliveira, the former model, actress and Brazilian carnival queen

  • Feroze Gujral
    Feroze Gujral
    Feroze Gujral

    Feroze Gujral, the philanthropist, art aficionado, businesswoman, columnist and media personality

  • Dalene Kurtis

    Dalene Kurtis (born November 12, 1977 in Apple Valley, California), Playboy Playmate of the Month for September 2001 and Playmate of the Year for 2002

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    Sangeeta Bijlani (born 9 July1965), the Indian Bollywood actress and former model

  • Rhea Pillai

    Rhea Pillai (born in London in 1965 and lived there until two), the Indian model

  • Waris Dirie

    Waris Dirie (born 1965 in Somalia), the Somali supermodel and a UN advocate for the abolition of female genital mutilation

  • Reema Khan

    Reema Khan, known by her screen name Reema, the Pakistani Lollywood film actress, director and producer

  • BB Gandanghari

    BB Gandanghari, the Filipino transgender actress, model, entertainer, comedienne, and director

  • Lisanne Falk

    Lisanne Falk (born ca. 1965), the American actress and film producer

  • Tammy Lynn Leppert

    Tammy Lynn Leppert, the American former child and teen model, actress and beauty queen who has been missing since July 6, 1983, vanishing at the age of 18