Martin Feldstein

Martin Stuart "Marty" Feldstein is an American economist.

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the 25th of November
1939 , November 1939 , November 25th 1939 , the United States , New York City ,  …
American International Group
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"Martin Stuart Feldstein"
Main Occupation
"So just as I want pilots on the planes that I fly, when it comes to monetary policy, I want to think that there is someone with sound judgement at the controls." , "My theme this evening is that America needs a competitive dollar." , "Inflation is lower and more stable and the real business cycle fluctuations are more modest." , "In short, both experience and economic theory imply that the US could now t to a more competitive dollar without experiencing either increased inflation or decreased economic growth." , "If the Federal Reserve pursues a strong dollar at home while the dollar becomes more competitive in global markets, we can achieve both price stability and a more balanced path of economic growth." ,  …
Student of
Oxford University

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