Jerry Zucker

Jerry Zucker (born March 11 1950), the American movie director known for his role in directing comedy spoof films.

person, actor, film producer, film director, television writer, TV producer, organization founder, Pisces person, person that is is a creator of a TV Show, screenwriter, company founder, person that was nominated for an award, honour or prize, director

male , american , pertaining to Wisconsin , pertaining to Milwaukee, Wisconsin
the 11th of March
1950 , March 1950 , March 11th 1950 , the United States , North America ,  …
Creator of
Police Squad!
Airplane! , Ghost , Rat Race , First Knight , Rat Race ,  …
First Name
Founded, Employer
National Banana
Last Name
Legal name, Full name
"Jerry Zucker"
Main Occupation
film producer , film director , Screenwriter
Producer of
Rat Race , The Naked Gun , First Knight , My Life , Unconditional Love ,  …
"But in terms of satire and comedy, our biggest and earliest influence was Mad magazine."
Starred in
The Kentucky Fried Movie
Wrote for Screen
Airplane! , The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! , The Naked Gun , Top Secret! , The Kentucky Fried Movie ,  …

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