civil engineer

civil engineer

This list of civil engineers is a list of notable people who have been trained in or have practiced civil engineering.

architecture or engineering occupation, occupation

Distinct From
type of body part
Leonardo da Vinci , Osama bin Laden , Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , Yasser Arafat , Isambard Kingdom Brunel ,  …
Main Occupation of
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , Tomoji Tanabe , Florentino Pérez , Fidel V. Ramos , Harold Camping ,  …
Occupation of
Leonardo da Vinci , Osama bin Laden , Herbert Hoover , Yasser Arafat , William Hung ,  …
Parent Class
person , animal , mammal , vertebrate , object ,  …
Qualification of
Nuno Krus Abecasis
Taught by
Ghent University , Instituto Superior Técnico
Wordnet Synset ID

tk10publ tk10canl

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